What Liverpool Really Thinks of Boob Jobs: A Project with OPEN Magazine

A recent study has revealed that nobody loves boobs like Liverpool does. Statistics publicized in December showed that more women in Liverpool venture under the knife to acquire bigger boobs than anywhere else in the UK, with a total of 644 operations arranged in the first nine months of 2014. With boobs the focal point of many an intense debate, from the outrage reaped by public breastfeeding to the speculation surrounding the future of page 3, you’d think we’d have been over them by now. On the contrary, it seems that more women than ever are splashing out to enhance their own pair.

I decided to ask the people on the streets what they really thought of boob jobs…

Hi Beth, what are your thoughts on boob jobs?
Beth: Well, it’s not for me but I think it all comes down to personal taste really.

So it’s not something you’d ever consider?

No, never.

Is it something that you should only have if you really need it, like for medical reasons?

I think for health reasons yes definitely but as far as vanity goes I don’t think it’s something that should be allowed for anyone and everyone. If somebody feels it would better their life and they’d feel happier for it then I guess go for it.

Megan: If you want to do it you should, but it depends doesn’t it because people also have breast reductions if it causes them pain. In terms of cosmetic work, if you’re not happy with your appearance you should have the freedom to do what you want.

Would you take the plunge?

Ha ha, no not at all. I’m gay actually and I tend to go for natural looking girls but that’s just my personal preference I guess.

Rachiel: Every inch of your body is different to everybody else’s. But it’s not like going to the gym. If I could squat for bigger boobs then I would.

Would you get yours done?

Yes, and I have, after long conversations and sleepless nights because it’s a big step and such a big decision. It’s not just like buying a car. I have absolutely no regrets because it has made me more confident in my body. I didn’t have them done for other people to see. I did it for me.

Stuart: If somebody wants to get one done to help with self-confidence then fair enough, each to their own!

What if your partner wanted one?

If I had a partner who wanted one I wouldn’t necessarily encourage or discourage it, but I’d make sure they’d given it plenty of thought and it was safe. Remember the scandal with the dangerous breast implants that were exploding? I wouldn’t want them to go through that.

Helen: There’s nothing wrong with having a boob job. If you want a boob job, go and get a boob job.

Matt: I don’t believe in them. I just don’t think you should have them. Fake boobs look horrible. If it’s not for a medical reason then I don’t think you should.

Helen: Behave. I’d definitely have one. As a girl, your boob size goes up and down as you lose and gain weight. I reckon it would be nice to have the same size boobs that you have when you’re fat, when you’re skinny!

What do you think of boob jobs? Would you venture under the knife, or do you prefer the natural look?

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Column originally produced for OPEN Magazine as part of the People Have Spoken. New issue out now!

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