Hot Hacks: A Lazy Girl’s Guide to Great Hair

Although I spend most of my working life in an office, there have been occasions that I’ve been asked to cover a trial or sentencing in court, and sometimes I’m even asked to cover inquests. Although I’d love nothing more than to throw on my comfiest leggings and a hoodie for a day spent at my desk, I have to make some level of effort to look my best on the off chance I’m needed in court. I’m fortunate enough to work in a role that allows me to work with victims and survivors of serious crimes, and I absolutely adore it. I have met so many incredible, brave and unbelievably inspiring people, and when supporting them in speaking out and bravely sharing their story, I pour my heart and soul into everything I do for them – and making sure I look presentable should be no exception.

However, as incredible as my job is, it requires me to work depressingly long hours and I can’t begin to tell you how distraught I feel every time my morning alarm shrills, pulling me from sleep. We’ve all been there, torn between just five more minutes of sleep or grabbing a decent breakfast before we leave. For me, the battle has always been between an extra ten minutes in bed or spending a little extra time washing and styling my hair. After five years of facing this tedious battle every other morning, I decided to compromise. Did my hair really need washing, or was I just uninspired? Surely, a coating of dry shampoo and a quick style could produce the same – if not better – results for my hair. And we all know that over-washing can strip your hair of its natural oils leaving it dull, brittle and lifeless.

After a quick browse on Instagram, I found so many gorgeous hairstyles that could be achieved before the kettle has boiled. Here are some of my favourites:



Image courtesy of Wedding-In-Italy.net

For an A-list look that is quicker to achieve than your morning commute to work, opt for this gorgeous side-swept look complete with simple-to-achieve plaits.

Step one: work your favourite texturiser (I would personally recommend Umberto Giannini’s rough texture paste available at Boots) through completely dry hair using a soft bristle brush. Whilst the paste serves to thicken the hair, the softness of the brush will give your hair that gorgeous, bouncy softness that makes this look so fabulous!

Step two: spray a generous amount of hairspray onto a vent brush and then tease the hair at the crown of your head to introduce height. This will give your look the ‘just rolled out of bed’ character that in fact, often, takes hours to achieve.

Step three: grab the top section of your hair (to which you applied your hairspray) and sweep loosely to the side, securing with your favourite hair accessory. A checkered bow looks great as the festive season approaches!

Step four: section off two pieces from the bulk of your hair. These sections will become the plaits. Plait each section as tightly or as loosely as you wish, and secure with invisible bands.

Step five: Cover your entire head in a mist of light hairspray to keep that sexy, tousled look in place all day. Voila! Red carpet ready!


Image courtesy of Haircutsinfo

As winter approaches, it can be so easy to forget those wonderful summer memories of late nights, barbecues and beach hair. This look is so adored for the beachy ends and perfect amount of lift at the roots. Why not recreate it all year round?

Step one: spray a volumiser generously over the roots and blow dry immediately. Be sure to aim the nozzle of your hairdryer right at your roots. This will activate the product and give your hair the ultimate lift needed to complete the look.

Step two: towel dry the rest of your hair thoroughly.

Step three: saturate the hair you just towel dried with a beachy salt spray to achieve a laid back, undone texture. I use the Umberto Giannini salt spray, but why not get creative and make your own?

Sea salt hairspray is flourishing in popularity, and whilst it can look gorgeous on your hair, it can also be quite damaging to your bank balance. Luckily, creating your own is incredibly easy and kind to your purse!

You will need: one cup of hot water (not boiling), two tablespoons of epsom salts (you can add more for extra texture, but please be aware that this can be pretty drying to the hair), 1/2 tsp sea salt, one teaspoon of aloe vera gel, 1/2 tsp conditioner OR a couple of drops of almond or jojoba oil. You may wish to add a couple of drops of essential oils, or perhaps a spritz of your favourite fragrance.

Get to work: purchase a spray bottle in a size of your choice. Pour the hot water into the spray bottle and introduce the epsom salts, sea salt, aloe vera, conditioner and, if you wish, your favourite fragrance for good measure. Secure the cap in place and shake vigorously for one or two minutes, or until the epsom salts and sea salt have dissolved. Your finished product should last for 2-4 months.

Step four: flip your head upside down and shake out your hair to distribute and activate your sea salt product. Allow remaining dry areas to dry naturally during your commute to work. Beachy and beautiful.


Image courtesy of Hairstyle Nail Arts

There’s nothing wrong with pulling it together with a ponytail. After all, it is the ultimate easy style.

Step one: again, spray a generous mist of hairspray onto a vent brush, and then tease the hair at the crown of your head to introduce height. Height makes all the difference when it comes to ponytails, transforming the simplest look from drab to fab.

Step two: pull your hair back haphazardly with your fingers and secure at the nape of your neck with a bobble.

Step three: using a bristle brush, tease the hair to give it lift, texture and volume. If your hair is on the thin-side, you may wish to reintroduce the texturising paste to thicken. Do so by applying the paste and teasing the hair with a softer bristle brush.

Step four: finally, twist a stray tendril around the bobble until it is hidden and secure beneath using a bobby pin. Cover your head in a generous mist of hairspray and you’re good to go!

Will my quick and easy guide to great hair help you in the mornings? Let me know in the comments!

Until next time,

Lou x

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