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As well as raising two beautiful tiny humans, building a home and running a blog, my nine-to-five (and then some) career has been built around my passion for giving those with a story the voice they need to be heard.

I graduated from the News Associates’ School of Journalism in 2014 with the Industry Gold Standard and the Feature Writer of the Year Award. I quickly landed my first graduate role as writer and columnist at Liverpool’s OPEN magazine. I adored my job and all the fun I could have with my role – I once shadowed a drag queen for a day and even let her turn me into a guy, which was pretty remarkable. However, it wasn’t really ‘me’. Our in-house design team had joined forces with Claire House Children’s Hospice to produce their charity magazine, and after a visit to the hospice I developed a firm friendship with the in-house media officer. I was later offered the role of Editor at the publication, and it was a role I undertook with absolute pride. My involvement with the hospice and the families it strives to support gave me an insight into a whole different side of journalism, and from there my passion for working alongside real people with real stories was born.

So, when an opportunity to work for Cavendish Press popped up, it felt like a natural next step in my career. My new role required me to attend court cases and subsequently work alongside survivors of incredibly harrowing and heinous crimes such as domestic violence, rape and attempted murder. I was later headhunted for a Feature-Writing role at That’s Life magazine in London, and after working there for a year, I returned to Cavendish as Features Editor – still as passionate as ever about giving a voice to those who so desperately need to be heard. Publications and media outlets that I have worked alongside are: BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Daily Mirror, Daily Mail, Guardian, Daily Star, Metro, Take a Break, That’s Life, Real People, Chat, Pick Me Up and Closer. I have also collaborated with Scousebird and Cellardoor magazine, and was recently invited onto the BBC Breakfast Show to debate a pioneering blood test to detect Down Syndrome in pregnancy – following a very personal piece I wrote about my experiences as the very proud big sister of a wonderful young lady with the condition. I am now the Commercial Audience Editor for the Manchester Evening News. I have also recently had my very first children’s book published.

I started my very first blog shortly before undertaking my degree and buying my first house at the age of 20, and had every intention of running it full-time. However, I quickly realised that it was rather naïve of me to think I could manage a blog, career and run a home all at once, so my blogging career was sadly put on the back-burner. Six years on, I am back and thrilled about it. As a new mum, especially a new mum faced with a global pandemic and the concept of being unable to socialise with other adults face-to-face, I felt it was as good a time as any to give this blogging thing another go.

I am a PR-friendly blogger, so if you feel you’d like to collaborate, need my help to place your story within the national press or just want to have a cuppa and a chat over Zoom, please feel free to get in touch!

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With love,

Lou x